This session uncovers the key requirements to start any business in agro product processing and shed light on the pitfalls to avoid when engaging in agro produce processing.

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About the session

Feeding the world is not just about filling up the stomachs, but nourishing bodies as well. This is why now, more than ever, the pressure to improve nutritional choices is increasing. Nigerians are becoming increasingly health-conscious and interested in nutrition and fitness. Our curiosity about achieving and maintaining a weight loss is still unsated. It seems the medical, social, and financial costs of obesity have driven a persistent number of inquiries into the topic across sub-regions in the last decade.
More business opportunities will come up in this value chain - as individuals become more aware of the need for healthy lifestyle practices. This session exposes participants to the active and emerging opportunities in nutrition and lifestyle management and provides relevant guidelines to aid an intending entrepreneur or investor succeed at it.

Key Take-aways from the Session

What is covered?

  • What qualifies a business to be seen as a “nutrition & lifestyle” business?
  • Nutrition as the bedrock of agriculture (Connecting the dots…)
  • What is Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and what is its impact on our lifestyle?
  • An estimate of the size of the Nutrition & lifestyle market
  • The competitive environment for Nutrition & lifestyle businesses
  • The competitive environment for Nutrition & lifestyle businesses
  • Profit Analysis (A forecast / Cashflow / Wealth creation) – this is a fictional foresight of income generated from a typical Nutrition & lifestyle business.

  • In what ways can I play in the nutrition and lifestyle niche?
  • How do I identify the appropriate, viable nutrition and lifestyle opportunities to engage in?
  • What are dominant key challenges (if any) within the value chain I should be wary of – and what are ways to manage these challenges?

  • Consumption /market pattern for organic produce
  • How do I identify customers/off-takers/target market for my nutrition/lifestyle business?
  • What are the key pitfalls to avoid in selecting a target market for a nutrition business?

  • What is required to position one’s business as a nutrition and lifestyle brand?
  • What skills and competence are required to thrive in this sector?
  • What regulation landscape should I be mindful of?
  • How much skill do I need and where can I get expert support?

  • How do I discover investable Nutrition & lifestyle businesses?
  • What are critical signals off a healthy, invest-able Nutrition & lifestyle business?
  • What other things should one take into consideration in deciding whether or not to invest in a Nutrition & lifestyle business?


Mon, 05 Jul, 2021

11:00hrs, GMT + 1


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