This session lays bare the business opportunities in raising livestock (with a specific focus on Cattle/goat/sheep Pigs and Poultry) and talk through the fundamentals for success in starting or investing in a business in this sector

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About the Session

Animal proteins such as meat, chicken, pork, mutton, snail etc. are found in a wide variety of Nigerian meals. with the growing population of 2.8% per year, there is a steady increase in the demand for animal products for consumption in the country.
This session provides a detailed context on the business opportunities in this value chain and provides highlights fundamentals that aspiring livestock business entrepreneurs and investors need to know, to thrive in that sector.

Key Take-aways from the Session

What is covered?

  • What does animal husbandry entail?
  • The Business Environment for animal husbandry type business (Ease of doing business, Registration landscape, statistics etc.)
  • An estimate of the size of the Animal Husbandry market
  • The competitive environment in the Animal husbandry niche
  • Profit Analysis (A forecast / Cashflow / Wealth creation) – this is a fictional foresight of income generated from animal production.

  • How do I know the right animal-husbandry agribusiness to venture into?
  • What are the key challenges (if any) within the value chain I should be wary of – and what are ways to manage these challenges?

  • What is the consumption /market pattern for each type of livestock in focus?
  • How do I identify customers/off-takers/target market for my animal husbandry business?
  • What are the key pitfalls to avoid in selecting a target market?Œ
  • What are the most marketable livestock?

  • What skills and competence are required to thrive in this sector?
  • What regulation landscape should I be mindful of?
  • Where can I get expert support?

  • How do I discover investable animal husbandry businesses?
  • What are the critical signals of a healthy, investable crop animal husbandry business?
  • What other things should one take into consideration in deciding whether or not to invest in an animal husbandry business?


Tue, 06 Jul, 2021

09:00hrs, GMT + 1


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