This session explores the immediate-, mid-and long-term opportunities for Agri Entrepreneurship to help potential entrepreneurs and investors understand its broad dynamics and potential.

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About the session

One of the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic is diversification and multiplicity of income streams. Diversifying your investments into various non-correlated sources of residual income is imperative in this changing economic climate. In diversifying your income streams, your financial risk is reduced, and you build a stable and secure investment profile. You create wealth for yourself.
This session launched the inaugural master class and set the context for participants to appreciate the opportunities in Agric, and why the time to participate in the sector is now.

Key Take-aways from the Session

What is covered?

  • Why are Nigerians generally apprehensive in engaging in Agri-business and what are your responses to these myths and fears?
  • A general perception is that you only make money from Agriculture when you go big – which require substantial capital. A lot of people think that the ROI for starting a small scale Agri business isn’t worth the trouble and will rather opt for getting a job or other alternative (opportunity cost). How can you help people with this perception see things differently?
  • There are key structural challenges like insecurity, poor power supply, logistical bottlenecks, trade bureaucracy and the likes that hampers participation in the sector. Yet we need to push ahead in spite of them. What tips can you share to help people interested in the sector, get ahead – in spite of the issues?
  • There are so many value chains one can play in, in the Agric sector – from Animal husbandry to nutrition to agro commodity trade. Can you share a framework to help an interested person decide on what value chain to focus on?
  • What institutions are key to enabling the sector (e.g NAIC, Bank of Agric, The CBN, and other relevant institutions), what are their roles and how can Nigerians interested in Agric impactfully engage these institutions?
  • What sort of support or response does the government require from Nigerians – to boost their support in the sector? In other words, how can Nigerians work with the government – to boost the impact of your interventions?


Mon, 05 Jul, 2021

09:00hrs, GMT + 1


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