This session exposes participants to the growing opportunities in Agtech and uncovers the key building blocks to start and run an Agtech business.

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About the Session

The agriculture industry is ripe for solutions that improve farming methods and introduce best practices improve smallholder farmers’ access to financial services, farm inputs, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and equipment, provide other extension services to farmer and even enable farmers to access markets by connecting them with produce buyers.
This session helps participants understand the business of Agtech and clarify how they can tap into it.

Key Take-aways from the Session

What is covered?

  • What is Agtech and why the Hype?
  • The Business Environment for Agtech businesses (Ease of doing business, Registration landscape, statistics etc.)
  • An estimate of the size of the Agtech market
  • The competitive environment for Agtech businesses
  • Profit Analysis (A forecast / Cashflow / Wealth creation) – this is a fictional foresight of income generated from Agtech.
  • What is the investment appetite like for Agtech businesses?

  • What are the different ways one can play in the Agtech space (Mechanization, digital agriculture, process enhancement software, etc)?
  • How do I identify the appropriate viable Agtech opportunity to venture into?
  • What are dominant key challenges (if any) within the value chain I should be wary of – and what are ways to manage these challenges?

  • What are the trends influencing the adoption of Agtech?
  • What are key barriers to the adoption of Agtech and how should an interested entrepreneur respond to these barriers?
  • What is the current market adoption rate for Agtech solutions? What solutions are currently in high demand and what solutions have a high potential in the near future?
  • How do one identify customers/off-takers/target market for an Agtech business?

  • What are the key building blocks to starting and running a successful Agtech business?
  • What are the risks associated with Agtech businesses?
  • What skills and competence are required to thrive in this sector?
  • What is the regulatory landscape around Agtech related businesses?
  • Where can one, who is interested in the sector, get expert support?

  • How do I discover investable Agtech businesses?`
  • What are the critical signals of a healthy, investable Agtech business?
  • What other things should one take into consideration in deciding whether or not to invest in an Agtech business?


Wed, 07 Jul, 2021

11:00hrs, GMT + 1


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