The Business Of Agriculture In Nigeria

Explore the immediate-, mid- and long-term opportunity for Agri Entrepreneurship to help potential entrepreneurs and investors understand its broad dynamics and potential.

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About the Session

One of the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic is diversification and multiplicity of income streams. Diversifying your investments into various non-correlated sources of residual income is imperative in this changing economic climate. In diversifying your income streams, your financial risk is reduced, and you build a stable and secure investment profile. You create wealth for yourself.

With the dip in oil prices in the last few years, many, including the Nigerian government has turned to Agriculture as a potential economic rescue sector. This is because it is a sector that thrives. in Nigeria, it is a gold mine of opportunities for anyone to explore.

The SDG Private sector Advisory Group (PSAG), Cluster Five believes that an investment in the agricultural sector is not only the right thing to do but it is also the key to generating multiple streams of income. To this end, the group seeks to disseminate agribusiness knowledge to participants in a virtual masterclass series.

Key takeaways from the session

This session will launch the master class and set the context for participants to appreciate the opportunities in Agric, and why the time to participate in the sector is now. The session will help participants:


Mon, 05 Jul, 2021

09:00hrs, GMT + 1


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