This session takes participants through a 360 view of Agribusiness financing. - with emphasis on how to engage in Agribusiness financing, what financiers lookout for and what Agric entrepreneurs need to do for their business to become attractive to investors.

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About the Session

Agric entrepreneurs require finance to purchase equipment, input, fund marketing campaigns, farm improvements as well as operations costs. The potentials of agribusinesses are being recognized and accepted by Governments, institutions and private investors, who will readily make funds available to Agric brands who adequately position themselves to receive it. This means that small-scale Agric entrepreneurs, as well as established farmers, can access capital in form of equity or credit to finance their businesses today.
But what do you need to do, to get capital? How do you position your Agribusiness to be in the right shape to attract capital either in the form of equity, grants or loans? If one is interested in investing Agric business, how does one go about it?

Key Take-aways from the Session

What is covered?

  • What is the state of agri-business financing in Nigeria?
  • People believe that raising capital is hard and you need to be “special” or “connected” to raise money for your business. Is this true?
  • Does every serious agri-business out there have a chance to be able to raise finance for their business?
  • Can you share examples of everyday agri-businesses that have grown through financing?

  • Describe the different types of funding agribusinesses can engage (savings, commercial debt, inventory credit, venture capital, angel investors, crowdfunding, grants, etc)
  • What stage of business is each funding type suited for?
  • From what sources can you get each of these types of funding?
  • How can a potential investor engage any of these financing vehicles?

  • Why is it important to determine the worth of your agribusiness before receiving investment?
  • Describe different methods businesses can use to determine the worth of their business.
  • How should a potential investor approach business valuation, and how should a business valuation influence an investor's decision on how much to invest?

  • What investors are looking for in determining whether or not to invest in an agribusiness.
  • Barriers to getting funding for your business
  • Defining the right timing to ask for funding
  • Practical tips for positioning to attract funding/investment for your business
  • What specific entities can an interested agri-business engage for capital (commercial debt, inventory credit or equity financing)?

  • For individuals out there who would rather invest in an agri-business than build one, how do they start? – From discovering credible businesses to conducting due diligence, determining how much to put in and monitoring their investment?
  • Are there credible platforms that potential agri-business investors can work with – to discover and make investments?
  • How do indices like exchange rate, interest rate & inflation impact an agri-business investment, and how should they affect the decision making of an agribusiness investor?
  • What are the legal considerations (checklist of a sort) that need to be looked into before giving or receiving investment?


Wed, 07 Jul, 2021

13:30hrs, GMT + 1


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