The Practice of Agro-Logistics and trade

This session spotlights best practices to adopt, key business strategies to employ, and possible challenges faced in the agro-logistics and trade value chain providing insight to participants on the pathways to success in agro-logistics-type businesses.

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About the Session

Trade plays a crucial role in providing livelihoods for farmers and people employed along the food supply chain. It also contributes to reducing food insecurity across the globe and provides greater choices in consumer goods.
Trade in agro-food products has grown strongly over the last two decades, reaching almost 7% in real terms annually between 2001 and 2019. But agro-food trade isn’t just increasing, it’s becoming ‘global’. A growing share of agro-food trade is taking place in global value chains (GVCs) – agricultural and food processing value chains that are spread over several countries – linking agro-food sectors and other sectors of the economy from across the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic led to trade disruptions worldwide, but the agricultural and food sector proved to be more resilient than other sectors of the economy. During the first months of the pandemic, price hikes in staple crops were avoided thanks to transparency in market conditions and policies. Rapid responses by policymakers and the private sector managed to prevent severe disruptions in agri-food trade, including global seed markets. However, bottlenecks in transport and logistics complicated moving agricultural and food products around the world and resulted in increased costs of shipping and transport. 
In this session, agro logistics and trade experts dig deep into their wealth of experience and provide the audience with detailed contexts on the best practices/strategies to employ to become successful in this value chain and how to overcome the challenges faced in the value chain.

Key take-aways from the session

What is covered

In this technical session, a moderator engages expert panellists on the best practices to adopt, key business strategies to employ and possible challenges faced in the value chain – based on their personal experiences. The moderator asks a series of questions to spotlight important talking points along the value chain and sustains the conversation with follow-up questions from the conversations. The talking points are divided into 5 major sections highlighted below.

  • How can one raise finance for growth in his agro logistics and trade business (opportunity available to raise finance)
  • What are the steps one would take to raise finance for scaling one's business in the agro logistics and trade sector?
  • How long does the process take to raise funds – How can one make it faster?

  • What is the best technique/strategy for maximum growth and productivity as regards the agro logistics and trade business in Nigeria?
  • What are the most common and demeaning challenges you have faced in your business journey in the Nigerian Agricultural ecosystem as regards logistics and export - How did you overcome these challenges?
  • As a piece of advice to younger agribusiness entrepreneurs, what route will you advise them to take to become profitable and successful in their agribusiness (Agro logistics and trade) faster than you did?

  • Which markets in the agro logistics and trade sector have the highest opportunity to make the maximum profit?
  • What are the best techniques for business positioning in the agro logistics and trade sector to gain maximum profit for one's products (what is the best time to transport and export and to which countries)?
  • How does one continuously identify better entry points into new markets in the agro logistics and trade sector in Nigeria?

  • What techniques can I use to build a successful brand in the agro logistics and trade market?
  • How can one build a profitable relationship for brand growth with market industry leaders?

  • What are the criteria are needed to get registered as an agro logistics and trade business in Nigeria with all the qualified certifications?
  • How do I locate, approach and form a profitable partnership with companies in Nigeria and abroad to expand my agro-trade business


Thu, 29 Sep, 2022

11:00hrs, GMT + 1


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