The Practice of Agriculture in Nigeria

This session explores the realities of practising agriculture as a business in Nigeria and helps practitioners understand the role farmers' education and government policies play in the sector

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About the Session

The practice of agriculture is common in Nigeria as 70% of households in Nigeria engage in either crop production or animal rearing. The Agricultural sector contributes more to Nigeria’s GDP than petroleum. With the number of practitioners the sector boasts of, it is not a pleasant statistic that Nigeria spent over N3 trillion on agricultural imports between 2020 and 2021. 
Agric value chains are grossly under-exploited. A large percentage of farmers in Nigeria practice small-scale farming with outdated farming techniques. Nigeria Was Ranked 119th On The 2017 Global Agricultural Innovation Index but with farmers properly educated, Nigeria has the potential to grow and become self-reliant through agriculture.
The SDG Private sector Advisory Group (PSAG), Cluster Five believes that an investment in the agricultural sector is not only the right thing to do but it is also the key to generating multiple streams of income. Building from last year’s success, the group seeks to further disseminate agribusiness knowledge to participants in the second edition of the masterclass series.
This session launched the second edition of the masterclass and gave insight into the realities of practising agriculture as a business in Nigeria

Key take-aways from the session

What will be covered?

In this session, the moderator asked the expert discussants specific clarifying questions. Questions for the session were elicited from the speeches given as well as from questions submitted by the public. However, here are a few other questions explored during the sessions.

  • The need for educating farmers in agribusiness to improve the success rate of agro enterprises in Nigeria.
  • What the educational sector is doing to improve farmers’ knowledge in agripreneurship in Nigeria
  • Points where improvements are needed in fostering farmers’ education in Agribusines.
  • How other countries are getting farmers’ education in Agribusiness right and how we can tap into it.

  • The importance of Agro policy to agribusiness success.  
  • The state of the Nigerian agro policy system
  • The implication of Agricultural Policies to Agribusiness development in Nigeria
  • How far we are in agribusiness development in comparison to other countries
  • What policies thrive in other countries and how we can adapt to it

  • The realities of being an agribusiness entrepreneur in Nigeria
  • Insight about agribusiness in other countries
  • Nigeria needs to get right to boost agribusiness success in the country


Tue, 27 Sep, 2022

09:00hrs, GMT + 1


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