Leveraging Finance to Scale Growth

This session spotlights opportunities available, best practices to adopt, key business strategies to employ, and possible challenges faced in their journey to raise finance to scale Agribusinesses.

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About the Session

Just as in other businesses, finance plays a crucial role across the stages of Agric businesses. Funds are needed to secure space to practice agriculture, and purchase seeds, fertilizers, hatchlings, feed e.t.c.
Funds also come in handy in other processes like hiring workers, processing goods and general logistics among others. To remain competitive in the Agric sector, practitioners must master the process of raising finance to fund their agribusinesses.
The government of Nigeria, along with several private bodies and NGOs have created platforms to empower Agric practitioners in the country. The CBN’s Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF) is an example of such platforms – ACGSF offers farmers loans of up to N1.0 million for individuals or up to N10.0 million for cooperative societies or corporate entities. However, platforms like ACGSF have requirements farmers must meet if they wish to benefit from the platform.
What are these requirements and how can farmers present themselves to benefit from various empowerment schemes? In this session, agro-finance experts dig deep into their wealth of experience and provide the audience with detailed contexts on the best practices/strategies to employ and how to overcome the challenges faced when raising funds for their business.

Key Take-aways from the session

What is covered?

In this technical session, a moderator engages expert panellists on the best practices to adopt, key business strategies to employ and possible challenges faced when raising finance for agribusinesses – based on their personal experiences. There are one moderator and three panellists to anchor this discussion. The moderator asks a series of questions to spotlight important talking points along the value chain and sustains the conversation with follow-up questions from the conversations. Below are the point covered.

  • The opportunities available out there for raising funds in the agricultural sector in Nigeria
  • The steps to take to get access to funding from financial institutions
  • What particulars should one have or what criteria should one meet before trying to raise funds?
  • How does one increase his chances of getting funding from this institution?
  • How long does the process take to raise funds and how can one make it faster?
  • What is the payback process like when one raises funds for agriculture and the percentage?
  • What popular misconceptions do people have about raising funding from these institutions?
  • What are the most common challenges when raising finance and how can one overcome them?


Thu, 29 Sep, 2022

09:00hrs, GMT + 1


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